Martín Bofarull, Mònica
Associate Professor
Specialization Public Economics, Transport Economics
Phone 977758911
Office 316
Group grit
PhD Universitat Rovira i Virgili

“Some Considerations Concerning Regulation and Competition in the Port Sector”

Year: 2009

Reference: Document de treball nº -21- 2009

Author(s): Mònica Martín Bofarull and Lorena García

Paper edition: ISSN 1576-3382

Electronic edition: ISSN 1988-0820

"New business formation and employment growth: some evidence for the Spanish manufacturing industry"

Year: 2006

Reference: Document de treball nº -4- 2006

Author(s): Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod , Daniel Liviano Solís and Mònica Martín Bofarull

Paper edition: ISSN 1576-3382

"Entradas y salidas de empresas: un contraste de las hipótesis de independencia, simetría y simultaneidad"

Year: 2001

Reference: Document de treball nº -4- 2001

Author(s): Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod , Miquel Manjón Antolín , Mònica Martín Bofarull and Agustí Segarra Blasco

Paper edition: ISSN 1576-3382