Aslanidis , Nektarios
Associate Professor
Specialization Empirical Macroeconomics and Finance, Quantitative Macroeconomic History
Phone 977759848
Office 304
Group qure
PhD University of Manchester


Articles in journals JCR
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Articles in non-JCR-indexed journals
  • Tadei, F. , Aslanidis, Nektarios and Martínez, Óscar (2024): "Trade Costs and the Integration of British West Africa in the Global Economy, c. 1840-1940", Economic History Review, forthcoming,
  • Aslanidis, Nektarios and Demiralp, S. (2020): "Has the financial crisis affected the real interest rate dynamics in Europe?", Journal of Business Cycle Research, 16(1), 1-18
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Book chapters
  • Aslanidis, Nektarios (2010): "Environmental Kuznets curves for carbon emissions: A critical survey", in J. Meijer and A. der Berg (eds.) Handbook of Environmental Policy, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Working Paper 336,